Clinton's Roll of Honor
What Is The Book-in-Progress?
What Is The Book-in-Progress?

An opportunity to watch the Roll of Honor Book grow page by page as honoree names are added.

Click on the link below to view the Book-in-Progress. Scroll down to the Table of Contents. See honoree names listed in alphabetical order with a page and row number beside each name. Find the listing for your honoree(s). Go to the page(s) and row number(s) to view your honoree(s) in the Book-in-Progress.

Your remarks describing why you are honoring your honoree(s) are not in the Book-in-Progress. These will appear at a later date.

The Book-in-Progress, which is also on display in the Bigelow Free Public Library, 54 Walnut Street, Clinton, MA, is not the final published Book. The final Roll of Honor Book will be professionally published and will reside in the Bigelow Free Public Library.

Until that time, visit the growing Book-in-Progress in the library or enjoy the online version!

The Book-in-Progress will be closed for additional entries at the end of 2017 to allow for the pre-press and print phases of the Roll of Honor Book in 2018.

View the Book-in-Progress (PDF)

Can the names of my honorees appear together in the Book?

Names are entered chronologically according to the date their sponsorships are received. For the names of family members to appear in sequence, the honorees should be sponsored at the same time. You can add more honorees at a later date but they will appear later in the Book.

Can an honoree be sponsored by more than one person?

Yes. An asterisk * beside a name shows that this honoree was sponsored by more than one sponsor.

Is this what the final printed Book page will look like?

As of now, you see 10 honoree names per page in the Book-in-Progress.

Depending on the final number of names, organizations, and businesses to be included in the Book, the layout of the page (number of names per page, and so forth) may change when the final Book is printed. The order of honoree names will not change.

Where does my sponsorship donation go?

Right back to benefit the Clinton community! Namely, to the non-profit Clinton Greenway Conservation Trust-Rauscher Farm Fund to support the management of Rauscher Farm on Clamshell Road, Clinton. Management includes increasing accessibility to Rauscher Farm by contributing to building and maintaining the proposed handicapped accessible Path to Clamshell Pond, other grassland and woodland trails, sponsoring Nature, educational, and fun programs for people of all ages, mowing the fields, attacking harmful invasive species, and more!